Thursday, 27 February 2014

Anisha's Google Drawing and scenarios about 'Empathy'

Paige's explanation about 'The Pt England Way'

Co-operation, Honesty, Learning, Joy, Hope, Responsibility and Service. This is the Pt England Way. The Pt England Way to us is a way of life. We use The Pt England way because it helps us become better citizens of our community.

Co-operation is one of our values.  Working together means working as a team,like when you are doing sports you need to pass the ball to everybody not just hog it or pass it to your mates.You also need Co-operate when you get a job. Basically it helps now and then.Another one of the Pt england ways are Using your W.I.T.S.  
W.I.T.S stand for Walk away, Ignore It, Talk about it and Seek help . Pupils use this to calm down also to solve their problems.  

Each year Pt England school has a different saying. This year it is Tiaki Taonga. This means the act of caring in Maori .For an example of the act of caring  it Pt England school had the saying  Kia Pai Te Kotahi o-operation last year.

Some more wear it with pride, a tap not a kick, is it Kind?, think ahead, stop,think and do, be kind to visitors, chuck it in the bin, take charge, walk in line, purua to potae(wear your hat), play the right way. Another example is for play the right way. The students  do not play tackle unless it is for a sport team. Or wrestling even if it is just for fun. Carrying on with our values go around the outside. Finally Champions never give up. Pt England School is proud of their values.

In conclusion the Pt england way is something people at Pt England school follows. That has been my explanation on the Pt England way. Please leave some feedback. Thanks.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Pt England picnic

On Friday the 21st of February Pt England School had their yearly picnic down at Pt England beach.

The weather was beautiful, the sun was out and we all had a fabulous day!

Here are some pictures of students in class 3, enjoying themselves at our school picnic!!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Welcome to Class 3's Blog for 2014

Welcome to the Class 3 blog for 2014!
During the first week back (and what a fabulous first week it was!) students in Class 3 discussed
'The Pt England Way' and what it means to them.
Here are some of the ideas, students in Class 3 came up with!