Saturday, 8 March 2014

Raeleen's explanation about 'empathy'

This week, students in class 3 have been writing explanations about 'empathy' 

Here is Raeleen's explanation. 

Enjoy :)

What does empathy mean to me? Empathy is having the ability to understand the feeling of another person's emotions or situations. Empathy is respecting others. Sympathy is pity, empathy is a way of understanding others even when they are new to our school. What if you got picked on how would you feel. Would you feel upset or angry?. Having empathy is sticking up for something like that. we help people that need it, not people who take advantage of your kindness. Empathy is caring and loving for others.

People show empathy by lending a helping hand by showing them you care for them and being kind to a classmate or a  friend. Sometimes we show empathy by talking them through their situation and helping them feel included to our school or game. We help them when they are needed so they don’t feel left out.

It is important to show empathy to others because they might not know what empathy means so that they can tell their friends to show empathy to others. Empathy is a out word for being kind to one another and respecting others. The key thing about why is empathy important is that heaps of us kids can change our behaviour by doing chores and not complaining.

On the playground heaps of kids play but they don’t care for the juniors so someone always goes to class crying.  By showing empathy at the playground,  we can keep the little juniors safe by keeping an eye out for the little ones encase they get hurt.  When it comes to sharing time in the class and someone says the wrong word don’t laugh just be sensible when they are sharing their work to others and pay attention because they might have some interesting facts that you might want. Support them by not backstabbing them when they say or do the wrong thing.

Remember to always have a open mind and a open heart when it comes to empathy, empathy is a way of treating others like they are your siblings. Sometimes heaps of juniors gets bullied by older seniors, If the the bullies don’t know what is empathy just tell them. If your Best friend gets bullied on don’t just stand their just use your self defence or walk away and ignore it.

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