Friday, 16 May 2014

Sound vibration - telephone cups experiment by Quziyah and Mua

Students in class 3 have been conducting experiments about sound.An experiment we recently conducted was about sound vibrations. In this experiment we used strings of various lengths, widths and materials and tested to see which string was most successful, when speaking to our partner of distances over two meters.

Here are what Quziyah and Mua discovered throughout and following their experiment

Talking through cups - Scientific experiment

We want to find out if we could hear each other from far just by using cups, a small string, a small rope and a thicker string. When the string is pulled tight it will work better and then you can then hear each other clearly .

We think that we will be able to hear better with the plastic string because when we first used the thin string, we couldn’t hear each other clearly. Since we couldn’t hear our voices properly, we think that the thicker the string gets, the better you can hear the other persons voice.

First we were given three strings, two pins and also two cups, and the ice blocks stick.
After collecting all of the equipment we needed to poke a small hole at the bottom of each cup that will be big enough to fit a very thin string into it.
Next we concentrated to put the string through the hole and tie the string to the ice block stick. Eventually we got it through without a struggle. After that we went outside and tested it out. We couldn’t really hear each others voices by speaking into the cup so we changed the string and attached a thicker string which was a rope.
We did the same thing we did to the thinner string and tested it out. This time we could hear each others voices clearer. My partner and I were onto the last string.

After following the instructions, we found out that we could hear better with the wool rope. We think that the reason for this is because the voice goes throw the string and it vibrates to the other cup .

We learned that the vibrations travel through the string into the other side of the cup making the other person able to hear their voice. We also learned that you have to pull the string tight enough because if it’s crooked then the vibration won’t be able to travel.

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