Friday, 15 May 2015

ANZAC animation by Miss Clark's numeracy class

The students in Miss Clark's numeracy and inquiry class have been WW1 and how it affected New Zealand.
Here is a short animation made by Iisa dedicated to the soldiers that fought for our country in WW1.

We hope you enjoy.


  1. Dear Mrs. Clarks students ,

    Me and Tiare are from Panmure Bridge School and we really enjoyed your numeracy video clip. Me and Tiare learnt a lot from watching it we hope to see more of your great work.

  2. Hi Room 2,

    I like how you put where the poppies grow and why they grow maybe next time you could put a bit more about the poppies grow.

  3. Hi Room 2 I like the movie that was a great job of drawing the a solider with a poppy on and like that you show how poppy's grow. Keep up the good work.

  4. Wow this is an amazing and creative animation. I think keep up the good work is too cliche so I am going to say good job on this amazing animation.


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